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ABOUT PIONEER TREE SERVICE For more than 40 years, Pioneer Tree Service has been delivering safe service to Midlands residents in their time of need. We provide 24-hour storm damage service and can handle most insurance claims for both residential and commercial properties. We can also catch problems before they become emergencies by removing diseased, dead and dangerous trees and improve the life of your healthy trees through pruning and thinning. While we take great pride in our tree work, that's not the only service we provide. Our heavy equipment can assist in clearing, excavating and grading properties as well as removing unwanted rocks and boulders, and our crane operators are skilled at working in tight spaces. Contact us today for a free estimate and learn what Pioneer Tree Service can do for you. Honor. Strength. Courage. Those are the principles Pioneer Tree Service is committed to every hour of every day, through tropical downpours and winter storms, whether the job requires clearing the way for emergency workers or helping to get a family back safely inside their home. Our heavy equipment and trained professionals are on call for rapid response, whatever the situation.


Tree & Shrub Removal
Tree Pruning/Thinning
Tree Planting
Tree Cabling/Bracing
Raising Tree Canopies
Stump Grinding/Removal
Storm Damage Services
Property Clearing/Grading
Demolition/Rock Removal
Right-of-way Maintenance