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When people think of the American dream of homeownership, they often envision a house surrounded by mature, healthy trees. While trees do not require as much maintenance as flowers or shrubs, there are times when a little "management" is in order.

Pioneer Tree Service has more than 37 years of helping homeowners maintain and manage trees on their property. Our skilled crew offers customized solutions that match your needs and budget. Tree trimming and tree removal can be dangerous; trust our team to do the job right.



Before you attempt to remove limbs, call Pioneer Tree Service for a free quote. We can trim your trees to professional horticultural standards. We remove limbs safely and make sure future growth is directed away from potential trouble areas such as rooflines and driveways.



Cutting down trees takes more than a chainsaw. Even branches can weigh thousands of pounds and their removal must be handled with care. Pioneer Tree Service offers a full complement of state-of-the-art heavy equipment from track hoes to bucket trucks to safely remove trees and stumps from your property. We also offer stump grinding and backfilling.



Sometimes a sickly looking tree can be preserved through pruning and slight rehabilitation measures. Over the years, Pioneer Tree Service has seen and studied every type of insect and disease. We can help you evaluate your trees for optimum health.

We Pioneered Professionalism! From setup to cleanup, Pioneer Tree Service 
believes that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing 
safely. We are locally owned, fully insured and 
operate our own recycling facility. Trust us to
improve the beauty, health and value of 
your property.